Here's a List of FAQ's

Where do you buy your paints ?

I buy from online Face and Body paint suppliers.


Can you face paint at an  event outside ?

Yes, but il need to be under full cover ! full cover is a tent , marquee, pergola or rotunda. Unfortunatly i dont consider a tree as full cover!

I can provide a 3 x3 gazebo for larger events , please discuss. 

Can you face paint at my child's birthday ?


Funny enough this is one of my most asked questions!! YES , is the answer! Of coarse i face paint at children's birthdays!

Can book more than 1 artist ?

Yes I can provide multiple artists for larger events . Please send me an email to discuss your requirements. 

Are your face paints safe ?
 Yes! I only use high quality paints safe for the skin!
I use TAG, Kryolan , Paradise , Mehron , Cameleon,  Superstar , Fusion and Global Body Art brands


Is your henna all natural ? and whats in it ?​

Yes, my henna is all natural . Mixed in is essential oils such as Cajeput and lavender.

There is also Lemon Juice & White sugar in the mixtures aswell

It stains a Orange /Brown colour.


Do you have a Child Safe Environments document ?

Yes , Please use my Contact Form to request a copy of my "Child Safe Environs " documentation. 

Do you have a WWCC and Public Liability Insurance ?

Yes, I have a current and up to date  "Working With Children Check" & Public Liability insurance. 

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If you have any other questions please send me an email .Thankyou  :)